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Obex BC SPIN Hydrogen White/Fluorescent Orange AVIP
Obex BC SPIN Hydrogen White/Fluorescent Orange AVIP
Obex BC SPIN Hydrogen White/Fluorescent Orange AVIP
Obex BC SPIN Hydrogen White/Fluorescent Orange AVIP

Obex BC SPIN Hydrogen White/Fluorescent Orange AVIP

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The backcountry specific OBEX Backcountry SPIN is designed for enhanced traceability and durability.

If something goes wrong, back country skiers need to be found—fast. With an NFC Medical ID chip, rescuers can get the information they need at the scene of an injury in an instant, thereby helping medical professionals make the best judgements for your treatment in the vital “Golden Hour”, the time right after an accident.

The inclusion of the NFC chip comes as part of POC’s whole-helmet approach to design, comfort, fit and performance, which includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), our patent-pending silicone pad technology system. Other features of this whole-helmet approach include the use of RECCO rescue reflectors to aid rescuers in their search for lost skiers.

The helmet is compatible with the Obex Communication headset (sold separately) and is designed for seamless compatibility with POC goggles. Ventilation is fully adjustable and ear pads are removable, and a thicker PC shell compared to the Obex SPIN increases durability, making it ideal for backcountry adventures.


• Safety certifications: CE EN 1077-B, ASTM F2040
• NFC Medical ID Chip
• SPIN pads
• RECCO Reflector
• Aramid panels
• PC Shell and ABS top shell
• Whole-head adjustment system allows a perfect fit without changing padding.
• Seamless compatibility with POC goggles
• Detachable ear pads

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