Whether riding waves, wandering through a forest, skating roads down a mountain or swimming with whales; we live looking for that moment. The one where we feel at ease with nature, connected to it, in harmony.

Cosmos Limited Editions is about those moments and about reinforcing our commitment to adventure, as we move to minimise the footprint we leave on the planet.

With each launch, we’ll celebrate a day and a way in which adventurers connect with the world.

Because we share our love for pushing boundaries, we’ve joined forces with textile innovators PYRATEX® to create organic blends from some of the most unique and sustainable fibers out there: nettle, seaweed, and upcycled cotton.

Made for adventure seekers, city lovers, ocean fanatics, mountain conquerors and snow enthusiasts.

Discover a new way of seeing and understanding our materials, and finding harmony with nature with our Cosmos Limited Editions.



For Earth Day, our products are made of PYRATEX® Element I featuring wild Himalayan nettle.

Pyratex®’s Nettle is extracted from plants that grow wild in the mountain forests of the Himalayas. It is a 100% biodegradable, no waste fiber. Furthermore, its processing is non-harming towards the ecosystem and, at the same time, natural and organic.

Wild-growing, giant Himalayan stinging nettle is a perfectly sustainable rhizome, with shoots annually reaching over three meters in height. Harvesting the vertical stalks clears out one year’s growth, making room for new leafy and healthy shoots in the next year to better absorb CO2. It also promotes root growth for soil stabilisation in landslide prone mountains.

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As part of the launch of Cosmos and our commitment to adventure, we will donate US$5,000 to to continue their work and plant 25,000 trees in Africa.

Additionally, we will not obtain any profit from the sale of this t-shirt, as this action has been designed and produced in Europe, with high-quality materials and techniques, whilst supporting PYRATEX® in their innovative research leading to a more sustainable fashion industry.

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