Whether riding waves, wandering through a forest, skating roads down a mountain or swimming with whales; we live looking for that moment. The one where we feel at ease with nature, connected to it, in harmony.

Cosmos Limited Editions is about those moments and about reinforcing our commitment to adventure, as we move to minimise the footprint we leave on the planet.

With each launch, we’ll celebrate a day and a way in which adventurers connect with the world.

Because we share our love for pushing boundaries, we’ve joined forces with textile innovators PYRATEX® to create organic blends from some of the most unique and sustainable fibers out there: nettle, seaweed, and upcycled cotton.

Discover a new way of seeing and understanding our materials, and finding harmony with nature with our Cosmos Limited Editions.



For Surf Day, we made our products from PYRATEX ® Cosmetic II fiber, a certified biological base material obtained from North Atlantic seaweed.

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We remain committed to adventure. Therefore, with the launch of Surf Day, we will donate 3,000 euros to the Hidden Deserts project, in order to contribute to the restoration of underwater deserts, a problem that is still quite unknown, but which poses a threat to our oceans.

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In addition, we do not get any profit from selling this T-shirt, since the initiative has been designed and produced to support PYRATEX® in its research and innovative work to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

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