Our Best Seller

Someone once said: Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it. If we told you that from now on this is going to be your favorite sweatshirt, you wouldn´t believe us. Made in Portugal with the best cotton in Europe, our classic sweatshirts are the ultimate eyecatcher. Available in 6 different colors, with back and sleeve embroidery. Fake leather label on the right front and our distinctive X. Dear Salvador, you were mistaken. This is perfection.


We make noise, not clothes.

Podríamos deciros que la idea de Blue Banana nació de un gran momento de inspiración, de largas horas de brainstorming o de un milimétrico plan de negocio, pero aquí no vamos a engañar a nadie. Como la mayor parte de grandes ideas descabelladas y aparentemente ridículas, nació de esa famosa frase...

¡A que no hay hu....!